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Best Electricity Company in Ohio and Pennsylvania

RiteRate Energy is dedicated to serving the great folks throughout the Buckeye State.
Our team is committed to being the best electricity supplier in Ohio with our completive rates and services. Previously, Ohio operated with a regulated electric industry, which meant customers could not choose the best electric company in Ohio for them.

In regulated state electric industries, consumers have little to no buying power. Rather, it is those who supply the desired good that are in total control. Individual households cannot dictate the price they are willing to pay for electric; however, this is no longer the case for those who live in Ohio.

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We believe that our customer service innovation makes us the best alternative energy supplier in Ohio and witching to an alternative energy supplier like RiteRate Energy has never been easier. Our unbeatable customer service combined with our affordable rates in Ohio makes us an obvious choice for the consumer.

If you are shopping for electric suppliers in Ohio, then look no further than Rite Rate. We are the best choice for your Central Ohio electric provider. Our RiteRate Energy team is dedicated to providing customers of Ohio with fixed electricity rates and programs that fit your individual needs. From sales to customer service, we’re passionate about our customers and the communities we serve. As the best electricity supplier in Ohio, you can trust our team to bring you lower rates and programs.

We have the programs, prices and the best service rates for you. Whether you are looking to lower your electric bills for your home or business, we have you covered.

Areas We Serve

You can now choose to buy your electric at a reasonable price from a company like RiteRate Energy. We supply electric needs to every location around Ohio. Whether you live in Dayton, Cleveland or Toledo, Rite Rate has got you covered.

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Stay updated with important news and read through our blogs for energy-related information, cost-effective advice, and tips on how to be a great alternative energy customer. Be connected and informed with interesting posts and news through RiteRate Energy.

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Areas We Serve

RiteRate Energy services many areas within Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Toledo Edison

Cleveland Illuminating Company

Ohio Edison

Toledo Edison

We are able to provide energy services to approximately 300,000 customers that live and work in northwest Ohio. As a residential and commercial electricity supplier in Toledo, Ohio, we make sure our customers are receiving the best supply rates from the best alternative energy company. We are dedicated to being the best commercial electricity supplier in Toledo, Ohio for our customers, no matter your needs.

Cleveland Illuminating Co.

RiteRate Energy operates in the Cleveland and northeast Ohio area and we are striving to be the best Cleveland electric company to over 700,000 customers in the area. At RiteRate Energy, you can rest assured that your residential and commercial supply needs will be met by the cheapest electric company near Cleveland, Ohio. We are dedicated to being the best Cleveland electric company with the best programs and prices for your needs.

Ohio Edison (Mansfield)

RiteRate Energy is passionate about our Mansfield customers and we feel that we’re the best electric company in Mansfield, Ohio. Our customers can rest assured knowing that we provide the best alternative energy at affordable fixed prices, while our variety of plans are flexible for individual needs and solutions.