The RiteRate Energy team

Our RiteRate Energy team is dedicated to providing customers of Ohio and Pennsylvania with lower electricity rates and programs that fit your individual needs. From sales to customer service, we’re passionate about our customers and the communities we serve. As the best electricity supplier in Ohio and Pennsylvania, you can trust our team to bring you fixed rates and programs. Read more about our RiteRate Energy team below.

Nino Silvestri

Mr. Nino Silvestri is an energy business executive with thirty-four years of experience in the North American energy business - in the areas of and wholesale natural gas and electricity commodity marketing and trading, energy regulation, and home service energy products. He currently serves as Co-CEO of Planet Energy and their trade name RiteRate Energy with executive responsibility for energy procurement, risk management, processing operations, distributor relations and regulatory compliance. Mr. Silvestri was one of the founding partners of Universal Energy Corporation and held the position of President and Chief Operating Officer, prior to Universal being acquired by the Just Energy Income Fund. Prior to that, Mr. Silvestri was President of his own energy services company, and the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Direct Energy Marketing Limited. Prior to joining Direct Energy, Mr. Silvestri held various middle management marketing positions at TransCanada Pipelines Limited for ten years. Mr. Silvestri has been a Board Member of the Ontario Energy Marketers Association, the Ontario Natural Gas Association, and the Coalition of Eastern Natural Gas Aggregators; and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Economics from York University, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Stephen Plummer

Mr. Stephen Plummer is the Co-CEO of Planet Energy and their tradename RiteRate Energy with executive responsibility for IT, Telesales, Customer Retention, Finance, and Human Resources. Mr. Plummer started his business career in public accounting in 1985 working with Deloitte, later on with Ernst & Young and eventually transitioning to the banking sector. In 1994 he opened up his own financial services consulting practice and has since been providing executive and operations consulting to energy marketing, financial services and telecom companies. Mr. Plummer is also the owner of proprietary energy management software, Easybooks, which is used to provide back office, CRM and front office sales and transaction processing to energy marketing companies. Mr.Plummer was one of the founding partners of Universal Energy Group Ltd. where in his capacity as CFO and CIO he successfully designed and managed the setup of back office systems and processes from scratch for a business launch in July 2005. He was the prime driver behind Universal Energy's successful IPO of $143 million in 2007 and a key player in the continued customer growth to 575,000 customers and annualized revenues of over $700 million, until the eventual sale to Just Energy in June 2009. Mr.Plummer holds a BBA and MBA from York University's Schulich School of Business, is a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Professional Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner and a graduate of the CICA In-depth Tax Program.

Jason Wong

VP, Business Development & Operations
Mr. Jason Wong has over 20+ years of leadership, operational and customer relationship management experience working in energy, telecommunications and private vocational school industries. He currently serves as Vice President, Business Development & Operations of Planet Energy and trade name company RiteRate Energy and previously held the positions of Vice President, Distributor Relations, Mass Markets and Vice President, Contact Centre. Before joining RiteRate Energy in 2018, Jason was the Vice President of Acquisitions and Retention for Universal Energy Group from 2007 to 2009. He also previously served as Vice President of Customer Service for Just Energy from 2002 to 2007. Prior to Just Energy, Jason held various middle management positions at Rogers Communications for thirteen years and was involved in all aspects of call centre operations, collections, customer service, workforce planning and operational support.

Jordan Small

VP, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
Jordan Small joined RiteRate Energy in 2018. Mr. Small brings more than 10 years of direct experience in the energy marketing industry, with advanced experiences in the regulatory and compliance fields. Mr. Small has direct experience in energy sales and marketing, as well as additional sales and marketing experience in previous positions in other industries. Mr. Small holds degrees from York University, and is an active participant in the regulatory framework of the energy marketing industry.
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