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Unlike your utility, RiteRate Energy offers secure,stable and affordable residential electricity rates in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We do this by purchasing our energy supplies in advance and locking them in at the then-current price. That gives us the ability to offer them at fixed electricity rates, month to month, year over year, just like a fixed-rate mortgage. Bottom-line, we believe that RiteRate Energy is the best residential electricity company for Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Homeowners no longer need to worry about being surprised by energy rate spikes or rate increases as RiteRate Energy gives you the best residential energy solutions in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Our Plans, Your Way

Imagine being able to predict what your monthly electricity supply costs will be two months from now, then ten months from now, and then a year from now. With RiteRate Energy, you will know exactly what you’ll pay under our fixed rate residential plans. When it comes to electricity supply for your home, RiteRate Energy has a plan to fit your needs.

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Expertly-Designed Energy Solutions for Your Home

Our expertly-designed, affordable residential energy solutions in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland are custom-made to fit each customer’s needs and allow them to make smart energy choices in their everyday lives. RiteRate Energy spells out the terms, benefits, and rates of each plan in plain language and simple text. That way, you know precisely what you’re paying each month, taking the guessing—and surprises—out of utility bills. We feel that we are best electricity supplier in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, and we understand that your finances are important to you, so we’re providing you the best residential energy programs and rates by giving you affordable electricity now, as well as in the future.

Everyone is different, and the way you choose to buy your energy is a personal decision. RiteRate Energy puts the control into your hands. Our custom-made residential electricity plans give you choices you just can’t get from your utility.

Summer and winter months can add extra costs to your heating and cooling bills just for you to stay comfortable in your own home. However, with RiteRate Energy.

There’s no reason not to switch residential electricity suppliers in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Maryland to RiteRate Energy today!
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