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RiteRate Energy supplies electricity to locations all over the Midwestern state of Ohio.

Our services expand to all 500,000 customers in the major Canton area. We set out to be the most accessible Canton electric company. You can be certain that we make it our priority to be the most inexpensive residential electricity supplier in Canton, Ohio. Northeast Ohio winters are difficult to endure, which is why you should select an electric company that will furnish your energy on a fixed rate. Through our agreement with Toledo Edison, we are able to supply the most cost-effective choices to place within your home or business.

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We are dedicated to being the greatest and most efficient, with tactics and rates specifically catered to your needs. Whether you are looking for a residential electricity supplier in Canton, Ohio, or a commercial electricity supplier, RiteRate Energy has alternative energy solutions just for you.

We presume that our strategic systems and customer centric solutions make us the best cost-efficient energy supplier in Ohio. Transitioning to a progressive energy service like RiteRate Energy is a viable option.


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RiteRate Energy offers sensible rates to homeowners that include cost-efficient electric and energy costs. This means that you will have expanded liberties to receive additional financial security. Acquiring alternative energy in vast amounts proves beneficial because RiteRate Energy sets the lower rates for our Northeast Ohio consumers.

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Our fixed-rate choices position us as the most reasonably priced electricity provider in Ohio. We regard our Northeast Ohio customers with passion, which gives us a purpose to efficiently supply our communities and stand behind our Northeast Ohio customers and their personalized needs. With diversified plans formulated for residential and commercial energy solutions, we have exactly what you are seeking to save monthly funds. Remember: fixed means stationary so there will not be any unpredictable fluctuations added to your bill. You can depend on RiteRate Energy to transmit the best energy available for your home or business.

Our list of suggested energy resources simplifies the decision and allows you to opt for the best energy options for your obligations. No matter what your specifications are, there’s a strategy in place for you. We know that every customer is unique, which is why we provide accessible routes to energy distribution.

If you’re looking for a significantly reduced rate from an electric source in Ohio, then cut your costs in half by electing the energy company that will align with your needs and serve you with reliability and convenience. RiteRate Energy is the efficient organization for you, because we commit to lower fixed rates for your vital power supply. Contact us today via online inquiry to view the estimates we have available for our northeastern Ohio customers.

There’s no reason not to switch electricity suppliers in Canton, Ohio to RiteRate Energy today!
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